GPS tracker Drozd-M1

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GPS tracker Drozd is designed for vehicle gps monitoring. It's a head unit of gps-monitoring and fuel management system. Other sensors work only with head unit. You can connect more than 64 sensors at one time.

It keeps all data in memory and sends it to user by request or continuosly. GPS tracker can store over 50 types of sensor parameters and conditions.

Drozd-М1 has superstrength and waterproof chassis, which can carry a load of 400 kg.All electronic components are hidden inside the chassis. Also there is a tamper.

Includes power supply/ interface cable, 5m!

This equipment is certified in Ukraine.


  • Instalment: external
  • Version: waterproof
  • Voltage: 7-36V
  • rated current: 50mA
  • Power: 12V, 24V
  • Sim-card: 1
  • Operation time: 24 hours without charging
  • Memory: 4Mb (4 months of continuous event recording)
  • Interfaces: CAN, LIN, USB
  • Modem: GSM/GPRS, 10 class
  • Receiver: GPS, 12 channels
  • Error: 16m
  • Temperature: -20 +70 °С
  • Humidity: 5% - 100%
  • Geometry: Ø150 х 60 mm
  • Mass: 0,6kg
  • Other: chassis intrusion sensor 3D motion sensor
  • Option: integrated microphone, a headset for hands-free communication with the driver