GPS tracker «Drozd-M2»

4.9/5 rating (15 votes)

GPS tracker “Drozd – M2” is newest and improved head module of GPS system “Drozd”.

It supports 2 SIM. Productivity improved in 5 times, you can see it with data exchanging. Also you can expand module memory with SD-card. “Drozd-M2” has one or two outputs (depends on model) for CAN-bus and input for alarm button.

Module has optional Wi-Fi or radiochannel. You can connect external sensors by radio channel (without wires) at a distance of 100 m.

Module saves data and sends them by request or continuously. GPS tracker can store over 50 types of sensor parameters and conditions.

«Drozd - М2» has superstrength and waterproof chassis, which can carry a load of 400 kg. All electronic components are hidden inside the chassis. Also there is a tamper.


    • can be mounted with bracket on any type of surface: plastic, metal or composite ;
    • do not need the 24/7 technical support;
    • has waterproof chassis, which can carry a load of 400 kg;
    • all elements are hidden inside the chassis: electronic components are lacquered in a military standard;
    • tamper is on even if battery is low;
    • can recognize 64 sensors;

Includes power supply/ interface cable, 5m!

This equipment is certified in Ukraine.


  • Instalment: external
  • Version: waterproof
  • Voltage: 7-36V
  • rated current: 50mA
  • Power: 12V, 24V
  • Sim-card: 1 or 2
  • Operation time: 24 hours without charging
  • Memory: 8Mb (4 months of continuous event recording) + SD
  • Interfaces: CAN x 2, USB
  • Modem: GSM/GPRS, 10 class
  • Receiver: GPS, 24 channels
  • Error: up to 5m (4m SBAS)
  • Temperature: -20 +70 °С
  • Humidity: 5% - 100%
  • Geometry: Ø150 х 60 mm
  • Mass: 0,6kg
  • Other: chassis intrusion sensor 3D motion sensor
  • Option: integrated microphone, a headset for hands-free communication with the driver, a videocamera, analog input, supplying output, output "open collector"