• You are a fleet operator. And of course you need to control the routes, fuel movements and other data. And you are wondering how to do it in automation mode. The best way is to install special equipment, a vehicle tracking system «Drozd»

    Our GPS monitoring system:

    • controls vehicle movement in online mode
    • receives all data about location, mileage and stops
    • keeps a record of fuel and other expendable materials
    • controls technical parameters of a vehicle
    • simplifies traffic control and monitors schedule adherence
    • reduces cost of more than 30% etc

    The equipment for traffic control «Drozd» pays for itself in less than 3 months of using!

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  • Fuel control system provides effective fuel management for your fleet. System forms detailed reports, so you can see all refuelings and defuelings on your PC or laptop.

    We provide fuel management with special equipment: main-unit «Drozd», fuel-level unit and interface unit. The interface unit converts output value of fuel-level unit to liters.

    The fuel management software can display the following data:

    • quantity of refuels and defuels for a period of time
    • time and location of refueling (defueling)
    • amount of fuel refilled etc

    Our fuel management system saves more than 30% of your money and pays for itself in less than 3 months!

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  • GPS monitoring is not only a tracking system! Our main unit «Drozd» have 64 outputs for all kinds of external sensors. Every connected sensor provides a new option for fleet monitoring.

    We offer ready solutions:

    • fuel management system
    • driver identification and worktime logging system
    • direct connection with a driver and his behaviour monitoring, interface between driver and tracking system
    • temperature and humidity measurement system
    • power-on period of engine logging system
    • portable fuel station with bar-code identification
    • attachable equipment identification system

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  • CAN crane controller

    Crane controller
  • OLED display with RFID
    OLED display with RFID
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    Pressure checkup
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  • Drozd-К2
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